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Fan Fiction: The Hesitant Invitation


King Erlian and Prince Tirian both belong to C.S. Lewis’s Last Battle and are not my of creation. 

This short fiction explores a fragment of King Erlian, Queen Livinia, and their infant son King Tirian’s life- pre-Last Battle. 

Livinia hesitated outside of her husband’s office door. Her fingers yearned to rattle across the wooden surface separating her from the man she loved and so deeply admired. 

He was a king and as such, his work was constantly swallowing whatever time and energy Erlian had. Sometimes, if Livinia was being honest, she felt as though her husband was more of a distant acquaintance than an intimate life partner. After all, some days he barely said ten words to her. She missed being in his presence, but more so she missed the conversations they used to have.

She chewed on her lip nervously as she balanced their four-month old baby on her hip. Meeting the startlingly large blue eyes of her blond-haired son Liv softly questioned, “do you want to see your Daddy…today?” 

The young tot eagerly nodded, “Yes” before shyly pressing his nose to the crook of her neck.

"Alright then…." she breathed, forcing herself to overcome the anxiety that accompanied her fear of interrupting Erlian’s work; especially, if he was in terrible mood. Her hand gracefully rapped upon the wooden barrier.

"Erlian, dearest?" The young queen called, slowly wiggling her way into the office without causing the door to screech hideously loud. One, she didn’t want to spook Erlian and or Tirian. And two, she wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed making a large and boisterous entrances.

A dark-haired figure peered up at them from behind a fortress of papers that had accumulated atop his desk.

"Yes?" Came his tired and almost grumpy response.

"Tirian… Tirian and I wanted to…. to…. spend some time with you. I mean, if you aren’t to busy. Isn’t that right, honey?" Livinia prompted the still small toddler to face his father.

In reply the young prince gurgled and cooed, poking saliva drenched tiny fingers into his mouth and withdrawing them again. In addition to his excited noises he offered Erlian and Livinia a toothless grin.

Erlian wearily pushed his chair away from his chaotic desk and he stood up. Approaching his son and wife, he offered a somewhat forced smile. “I really should continue working…… but…” the dark-haired man paused, studying his young-son for a moment.

The Queen noted his hesitation to leave his work and was about to tell him that she’d take Tirian on an adventure by herself, when Erlian continued, “I suppose I can spare a few minutes for two good-looking guests.”

A smile gracefully floated across her lips as she gently bounced her baby boy. Excitedly she chirped, “Did you hear that, sweetie? Daddy’s going to take a break with us!”  

The young-boy squealed with excitement and he threw out his tiny arms to the king. Flashing his fingers, the cute round-faced baby indicated that he wanted held by his father for a little bit. 

The dark-haired king nervously scooped his wriggling son into his sturdy arms. “Hey there, little prince. You know something? You’re lucky. You look like your Mum and not me… thank Aslan.” 

Queen Livinia felt her cheeks turning a bright raspberry shade of red at Erlian’s complement. Ducking her head she shushed her husband. “He will grow up to be as well-respected and loved as you, someday. But let us enjoy his childhood together.” She breathed softly, wiping a few locks of finite gold from his sparkling blue pools.

Every time the relatively new mother met his ever curious gaze,  she couldn’t help but feel herself falling completely in love with her precious treasure, Aslan’s most beautiful gift, her son. It would appear that Tirian had already inherited the charm and the ability to snatch her heart from Erlian; and it wasn’t a completely terrible thing to inherit-all things considered.


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Why he’s wanted:
He’s the father of the last King of Narnia, Tirian
His wife, Livinia, is looking for him
He died years ago, but it’s okay—he’s back from Aslan’s Country
He’s much like his son—steadfast and cool but can be rash when angered
Learn more about King Erlian here then you should read the rules and apply.
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Get Smart 1960's rp starters part one

Sorry about that, Chief.
Would you believe.....
We have to use the cone of silence.
That is the second time this week I fell for the old (insert gag here) trick.
Aren't you going to say something to the Admiral?
You can't destroy (name of character), he/she is my friend.
This friend of yours broke through my officer door, smashed my desk to pieces, and almost strangled me with his/ her bare hands. How do you explain that?
I said he/she was my friend not yours.
(character name) is a cybernaut.
Would you stop cleaning, following me around and picking up, you're beginning to get on my nerves.
I'm programmed for neatness.
You think that I would resort to deliberate lies, deceit and disobedience?
I wouldn't care if he came from a junk yard.
In case anything happens to me, contact my superior: Zebra 642.
We're going to have to look this up in the Chief's special codebooks.
The blue book is the one with the green cover.
Since when does a blue book have a green cover?
Your Chief was just silenced by a pistol butt.
Well that is a little drastic, isn't it? Couldn't you have just shushed him?
We don't shush here.
Well, why don't I come back a little later after you've had time to practice?
Eh, listen, I ...I ... hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about 'fathead'.
(name of character) kidnapped our bus driver.
Well, if you can't give me today's password, I'll accept the countersign or today's secret number. My life my depends upon it.
Get in here! Or I'll personally tear you apart!
Turn in your shoes. I think the wrist communicator will be more effective.
First memorize the secret message, then destroy it!
A man has just been murdered doesn't that mean a thing to you?
Listen if you don't straighten up and fly right, I'm gonna see to it that on your next assignment you're put inside an incinerator.
He's got killer eyes!
Well if there is anything I don't need at this time, it's a rest. I personally want to avenge the death of a dear friend.....whatishisname/whatishername?
You must want the spy school. That's next door.
I find that very difficult to believe.
Well there you have it Ladies/ Gents, another wonderful theory down the drain.
Are you accusing me on this flimsy evidence?
No, I have some more flimsy evidence.
Killed by an exploding birthday cake. There's something funny going on around here.
This hotel gives me the creeps. Exploding birthday cakes, volcanoes. Why would anyone want to come here?
I'll tell you one thing, you can't beat the rates.
Simmons: If we don't follow the rules here then what are we?
Coulson: I'm telling you what we're not, we're not people who hit people over the head with fire extinguishers. That's CIA crap!

"Hold me… like you did by the lake, on Naboo, so long ago… when there was nothing but our love."

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