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My name is Alyssa Liberato. This is my personal account. I am a Creative Writing and Criminal Justice Major. I spend a lot of my time reading, writing, drawing, and trying new things. I love God, my family, America, KLOVE Radio,traveling, and my friends! I try to be as encouraging as possible! I am a proud American, Italian, Irish, German, and French girl. Online Users

Behind the Scenes of The Musketeers


Luke, Howard and Colin the producer. Colin has said that The Musketeers is the best show he’s ever worked on because it has “everything” including drama, romance, comedy and action and presumably because the cast get on so well

Another great photo.



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@PopeJessica: @lyon_gill ‘Don’t tell Athos but you’re so much classier than Roger…. :)’ for Gill, Sarah and Ann…

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Athos and Aramis looked wrecked by the events of the day. Their friend, their brother, is condemned to death, was violently abducted, and is now held captive in a den of criminals. They would move heaven and earth for Porthos, and at this moment, it pains them to think they cannot reach him. It’s wonderful how these actors can convey so much with a few seconds of body language.

D’Artagnan needs a hat next season. He would do fabulous things with a hat.

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@PopeJessica: #Musketeers 2 And d’Artagnan……

PopeJessica: #Musketeers2 Did I miss out someone??

Musketeers_BBCA: Thanks for watching #The Musketeers with us! Season 2 is coming next year, and we’re not going anywhere just yet!